It’s that wonderful time of the year again, spring has officially sprung! Kind of, sort of.. I’ll just surround myself with beautiful flowers and keep telling myself that. I currently have a fantastic large vase of bright yellow gladiolus radiating sunshine and happiness on my coffee table, I wish I could share them with you all!

Recently I’ve been feeling so inspired to declutter my mind, space, and life. I began my mission slowly but surely and started with the physical items I’ve acquired over time. I found quite a few tips and tricks that helped me accomplish my goals and clear out my space; looking around my room right now I have to say, I’m actually very proud of myself. I’ll stop waffling about now, how about we just hop right into things?!

Bits and Bobs:

  • Start small: Think of it as stretching before an intense workout, or warming up before a game. Personally I find that if I leap headfirst into a daunting task often times I’ll feel overwhelmed and just quit altogether (sad, but true.) But when you start small, and take baby steps towards your goal you’ll get there before you know it! So you can start with a drawer, a stash of books, anything really, and then work your way up!
  • Controlled/Organized Messes: Drawers have always been my downfall. My drawer of hair accessories was honestly a pandora’s box, it was pretty terrifying let me tell you. I found the easiest way to organize drawers would be to divide the items in the drawers into individual containers or trinket boxes (which I already owned plenty of.) This way you would have a “controlled” mess within your little boxes, simple!


  • Don’t Panic: Easier said than done, but try not to overthink it. You’ve got this! And in the end, it will all be worth it!
  • Figure Out a Strategy: Find what works best for you. Whether that’s clearing out your clothes, setting them aside and then organizing them into piles at a later day or organizing your clothes into piles as you clear your clothes out. If you prefer to focus on one task at a time (like myself) I would recommend the first strategy, but if you are a fantastical creature that regularly multi-tasks (please teach me your magical ways oh wise one) then I would probably recommend the second approach.
  • Get in the Zone: Never do something when you aren’t feeling it! You aren’t rushed, there isn’t a deadline, so just let the process unfold organically. When you are feeling inspired and motivated that is precisely when you should begin your clear out.
  • Work Alone: I cannot stress this enough. Don’t let anyone cloud your judgement or pressure you to keep/throw out certain items. It will only complicate your clear out and probably take you longer to sort through your items.
  • Pile High: Separate your items into piles. I found these 4 piles worked best for me but do whatever works for you of course:
    • Donation pile
    • Give-to-someone-specific pile
    • “Storage” pile
    • Keep pile
    • Note: For the storage pile I would keep items that I don’t use on a regular basis (but still need, i.e. ski clothes, swimwear, etc) into boxes/suitcases/trunks so they didn’t take up so much room in my closets.

Make Up:

  • Expiration Dates: The easiest way to rip the band aid off! If it’s clumpy, or changed in color just dump it away!
  • “Do I Really Need 47 Lipsticks?”: The age old question. Which I’ll firmly answer and say, no, no we really don’t.
  • Less is More: I know I know, did I really just whip out the most blatantly obvious statement about decluttering ever? Well yeah, I kind of did but it is honestly so true. After my massive make up clear out I a) had so much more space in my drawers, vanity area! b) saved so much time getting ready because I didn’t have a million lip products and blushers to choose from!

That concludes my rambly spring cleaning post, I hope you find some of these tips useful; also, please let me know if you have any other decluttering suggestions and ideas in the comments below!

P.S. Stay tuned for my upcoming posts on my Scandinavian adventure!