On Friday November 20th we celebrated our first ever wedding anniversary and it was incredibly surreal. As cliche as this sounds, I can’t even begin to comprehend how quickly our first year of marriage flew by. Surroundings, feelings, and mutual understanding, everything has become so regular and we have managed to find our new “normal”. Obviously it is still a priority to sprinkle in some new experiences and adventure whenever possible, that’s the best part of life right? I thought it would be nice to reminisce and share some ways in which married life has changed me ever so slightly.

Picking Up Habits: I began noticing that I had been picking up different words and phrases from my husband. I think it’s because were constantly around each other, and that does happen with my very close friends too. But with my husband I noticed that I also started picking up some of his habits; specifically drinking more water (which is such a fantastic thing that I started doing after marriage.) My husband always has a bottle of water in his hands and now I’m the same way too! I’ve also learned to stay up later which isn’t exactly a wonderful thing but it comes in handy (coming from someone who regularly drifts off/falls asleep at social events, oops.)

Merging of Mutual Interests: It’s so wonderful when you have things to bond over with your significant other. Although we do enjoy different things that are unique to us as individuals, we’ve also discovered new things that we can love and share together. I’ve taken to watching more football than I did before, and he has taken a liking to nature documentaries which I absolutely adore. Also spy movies, spy movies are great and are our new go-to.

Developing Rituals: Afternoon green tea and biscuits are our daily ritual. We also found that breakfast outings are our favorite, and grocery shopping is the absolute best. It’s so much fun to discover things that are mutually enjoyable, the regularity and the familiarity of them can bring a lot of comfort.

Here’s to another year and to many more to come. In anticipation for new memories and possibilities that life has in store; and so the adventure continues..