She awoke with a tangle of leaves tucked away in her lustrous ebony hair. As she strolled through a sea of feathery grasses she felt a sudden rush of tranquility touched with a misplaced sense of wistfulness. She usually spent her mornings in a field of wildflowers and supped in the lowlands with a herd of deer.

On this particularly warm day she found herself amidst a colony of bees, twisting and dancing to the sporadic rhythm of her beating heart. One of the bees called her in, enchanted by her bright malachite eyes. The jovial bee poured her a river of gleaming honey in a cup she had fashioned out of a buttercup. She smiled and thanked the bee for it’s kind gesture, and proceeded to tear off into the meadow whilst looking for a fawn to share the cup of golden nectar with.

Her once pristine white dress was now covered in deep plum stains after picking succulent fruits from the plentiful elderberry bushes. She sat with her back against the last, solitary tree that remained in the field. Separating the berries from the flowers she watched as a swarm of marbled butterflies chased a leaping red fox through the shrubs. The fox snickered and leapt even farther as it’s tail licked tenacious weeds, setting them ablaze; the butterflies chided it and fluttered frantically over thistles, dewdrops splashing and putting out the flickering flames.

It was almost dusk as an overwhelming notion of restlessness consumed her. The sky began painting itself onto the horizon, a canvas of blue seeping with pale yellow and trickles of mellow orange. A gentle bluebird fluttered before her eyes and landed in the palm of her hand. It let out a faint trill and she knew it was time.

A wave of nostalgia washed over her as she recalled the very first star that winked at her between a bed of moonflowers. She vividly recalled watching the flowers bloom at sunset, revealing the golden treasures hidden inside. As she stepped forward the treasures revealed themselves to her, they were stars that shone luminously in the moonlight. She remembered the sensation of her frantic beating heart as she took in the spectacular sight of a field of flowers blanketed with glistening, twinkling stars.

At that precise moment of reminiscence the stars embarked on their journey towards the darkening midnight blue sky. They levitated from their bed of moonflowers, spiralled around the elderberry bushes, crashed into the herd of deer, and shot up hastily towards the sky.

“Wow.” was the only word she could manage to whisper aloud to herself. The only word that could encompass the enormity and splendour of the glittering spectacle that never failed to dazzle her. The only word that she managed to utter and cling to, as she saw the stars climb invisible staircases to the pure skies and heavens above.

Foraging through the plumy grass she picked up and pocketed the lone star that invariably remained behind. She found solace in it’s scintillating light as it glowed beside her; whispering sweet lullabies in her ear and guiding her through the dim night. In a few hours time the rest of the star’s family would return, and tuck themselves away beneath the delicate petals that close as they are kissed by the first rays of sunlight.