I was recently contacted by Born Pretty Store and I immediately jumped at the opportunity to try out a few of their nail care products. They kindly sent me a range of products to try out and I was quite impressed with the bulk of them! Probably my favorite and most used product of the bunch would have to be the Balsam Hand Cream. The scent is light and floral and the cream itself is extremely moisturizing and sinks in quickly, which is why it’s so effective (and addictive might I add). I would go back and order tons of these in a heartbeat.


One product I was especially curious to try was the Strawberry Nail Polish Remover Pads. I have to say, they do smell of super sweet artificial strawberries and I love that so much. They work great for touch ups and lighter polishes but might be a bit of a pain with darker nail polishes. This also would be a great thing to have in place of cotton pads and a bottle of nail polish remover for girls on the go!


I was so impressed with the opacity and formulation of these March Elegant Polishes. I received shades 8 and 12 to try and I fell head over heels in love with this range. I had #12 on for an entire week and and found that it didn’t chip at all, not one bit (which never happens with nail polishes, at least when I wear them anyway.) I cannot rave about this range enough.


Unfortunately I did not get along well with this hand cream; it’s actually no longer sold on the site. Not only did this cream have a strange off putting scent to it, but the texture was thick, sticky, and gloopy. The packaging however is so adorable and makes me happy, I just wished that the product did too.


These Audrey Hepburn Nail Art Stickers are what dreams are made of. You’ll see how wonderful they transferred onto the nails in the pictures below. I’m so happy with how true to the actual photos these tiny stickers turned out, they looked just as pigmented on the nails as they do in the photographs online! They were easy to work with and lasted for an entire week with a topcoat. Winner winner chicken dinner!




My inner Audrey fangirl in me is squealing. I wish I had a lifetime of these stickers! I used the March Elegant #8 polish underneath and it was the perfect canvas for these glorious nail art stickers.

Born Pretty have kindly provided me with a 10% off coupon code (SHGG10) to share with you all! Happy shopping my beautiful friends!