It feels pretty surreal to be sitting down and writing this post on the very first day of the year. I love the universal sense of positivity and motivation that comes with the new year, it’s both invigorating and inspirational!

Read 25 Books: The past two years I set my goal to reading 20 books, and this year I’m bumping it up to 25! Who knows, maybe I can surpass this challenge and read even more than that, the sky’s the limit! Also my bookshelves are creaking, and the tower of books in the corner of my room is getting a bit out of hand so the more books I manage to read, the merrier!

Continue Being a Tourist in my Hometown: In December of 2015 my husband and I began exploring the abundant historical sites in our beautiful country, Bahrain. By the end of this year we hope to visit all the incredible sites and museums, or at least as many as we possibly can!

Do More of What Makes Me Happy: Whatever that may be at the time. Read more, paint, go on adventures, travel, try new foods, give back, walk amongst flowers and connect with nature, the list is endless. I want to pray deeper, follow my heart, and do what feels right on that day and in that moment.

Wishing all my beautiful friends and readers an incredibly happy and blessed New Year! I hope that 2016 fills your days with wonderful new memories and your hearts with endless love and joy!